Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Swansea

Swansea hosts a number of marketing conferences and seminars during the year. Conferences are ideal opportunities to learn about successful marketing strategies, as well as gain insights into emerging trends in marketing. In addition to professional develop, these events are also provide a chance to market and promote a business's product or service. Other learning and networking opportunities for businesses and marketing professionals include seminars and workshops.

Swansea Business Show

The Swansea Business Show is an opportunity for businesses, professionals and others to learn about a range of products and services. The event is also an opportunity to network and build relationships. It also provides entrepreneurs and business with a forum to market and promote their products or services to a broad audience. Organised each year in the autumn, the Swansea Business Show is held at the Liberty Stadium close to the city centre. The event is one of two Welsh Business Shows. A sister event is held annually in Cardiff during the spring.

The Swansea Business Show includes a range of events, such as speed networking and corporate lunches. An exhibitors' trade show during the event showcases suppliers and manufacturers that are based in Wales and active in a variety of sectors. The one-day event also features seminars and keynote speakers covering a range of topics that can help inform marketing strategies, including sales, intellectual property and business networking. For more information about the Swansea Business Show or to register for free tickets, visit

Swansea University Seminars

In partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Swansea University provides a range of supports for small and medium sized businesses. This support not only helps businesses be successful in the UK, but also in markets across Europe and around the world. Swansea University's Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) also hosts an annual seminar series for businesses to support their development and growth. Swansea University also designs and delivers customised training sessions for businesses and professionals in and around the city. For information about upcoming seminars and other learning opportunities, visit

South Wales Chamber of Commerce Seminars

The South Wales Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of local and regional businesses in Swansea and neighbouring communities. The Chamber of Commerce is also dedicated to developing the skills and knowledge of local businesses. The organisation offers a full calendar of events during the year. Informative and practical events include workshops and seminars on a range of business topics, including marketing. Regular meet and greet sessions and facilitated networking sessions are also put on in Swansea, which allow members to meet, market their business, learn from experienced members and build relationships. Seminars and workshops are also offered in nearby communities throughout South Wales, including Cardiff and Newport. For information on upcoming seminars and other networking opportunities, visit

Chartered Institute of Marketing Seminars

The South Wales branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) hosts a range of seminars on marketing topics. The CIM represents the interests of marketers across the United Kingdom Seminars. It also sets professional standards and offers a variety of training opportunities for marketing practitioners. The CIM organises seminars and other networking and learning events across South Wales, including Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. Past seminars have included discussions on digital marketing, emerging trends, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and intellectual property. Chartered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme points are awarded for participation in CIM seminars. To find seminars and other events organised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Swansea and other communities in South Wales, visit