Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Oxford

Conferences and other learning opportunities such as seminars and workshops provide marketing professionals and managers the opportunity to develop their skills and networks. A number of conferences, seminars and conferences are held each year in Oxford and other communities in Oxfordshire. Information gathered from these events help inform the development of effective marketing strategies that consider best practices and emerging trends.

Digital Marketing Forum

The Digital Marketing Forum features keynote presentations and seminars focused on various aspects of digital marketing. The aim of the conference is to give participants with a high-level perspective of the sector, as well as provide insights and information on trends that will inform successful marketing strategies and practices. In addition to larger seminar sessions, the one-day conference incorporates interactive workshops and discussions groups into a comprehensive agenda. Past workshops and seminars have covered a range of topics, including customer experience, global markets, search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, adaptive digital strategies, mobile marketing, social media, and content marketing. The Digital Marketing Forum is recognised by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service.

The Digital Marketing Forum is organised at the Crowne Plaza, Heythrop Park. Situated east of Chipping Norton, the resort is approximately a half hour drive north of Oxford's city centre. The venue is also about 50 minutes from London's Heathrow Airport and 70 minutes from Birmingham International Airport. The conference is free of charge, although by personal invitation only. The event is designed for senior industry professionals, providing them the opportunity to meet with new product and service providers, learn about digital marketing and develop new networks. For more information about the Digital Marketing Forum in Oxfordshire, visit

Oxford Digital Marketing Seminars

Founded in 1996, Oxford Digital Marking (ODM) specialises in web-based marketing. ODM also delivers a training programme. Training provides an opportunity for marketing professionals and others involved in business to learn about the latest developments in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Seminars and training provided by ODM cover various topics, including social media marketing, SEO fundaments, Google analytics for business, online tools such as WordPress, and website design. Training and seminars are typically half-day or one-day sessions and are put on throughout the year. Sessions are typically held at the Oxford Science Park, which is situated approximately a 10 minute drive southwest of the city centre. For more information about ODM learning opportunities, visit

The Oxford Science Park Seminars

The Oxford Science Park is home to a variety of science, technology and business firms. A joint venture between Magdalen College, Oxford and Prudential, the centre of excellence boasts more than 530,000 square feet of office and laboratory space. Each year, the Oxford Science Park hosts a number of seminars put on by external organisations. Events are often open to both residents of the Science Park and the general public. Seminars cover a range of topics, including marketing. For more information about upcoming seminars at the Oxford Science Park, visit

Chartered Institute of Marketing Seminars

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) represents professional marketers in the UK and around the world. In addition to developing professional and training standards, the CIM organises national and regional conferences, seminars and other events across the UK. The organisation is divided into regions and branches, including a Thames Valley branch in the CIM's South East region. The Thames Valley branch covers Oxford and Oxfordshire, as well as Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. The Thames Valley branch of the CIM stages a number of seminars and workshops throughout the year on various marketing topics. Workshops run for over three hours and provide participants with an opportunity to delve into a topic in greater detail. Other events include lectures by senior business leaders on marketing and strategic business topics, as well as short meetings on marketing and related topics. For more information about the CIM and upcoming regional events in and around Oxford, visit