Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Glasgow

Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in GlasgowGlasgow is Scotland's second largest city and is one of Britain's leading sites where conferences are held in the marketing and business spheres. Glasgow has several universities and colleges that have world-class marketing programs and there are also many startup businesses and successful companies that operate within the area. Because Glasgow has several airports, an efficient public transport system, and a well-developed road infrastructure, it is easy for conferences to be organised there for anyone in the UK or the world.

The SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) is Glasgow's biggest conference venue and can accommodate thousands of people at a time. In recent years, Glasgow's conference industry has grown by at least 10% annually.

The following are a list of annual conferences that take place in the city of Glasgow:

Glasgow Caledonian University Conferences

Although these happen on a monthly basis, they are still a great way to network. Especially in the summer months, the conferences that the University organises are attended by many business owners from all across the UK. This is a great opportunity for businesses to meet interns and also to market themselves for upcoming graduates.

The conferences are organised within the Department of Marketing and Communications and the venues for workshops, seminars, lectures, and keynote speeches vary.

Business Tourism Scotland Conference

This conference has taken place in Glasgow during the winter months and brings together 300 business people from everywhere in the UK. Although it is focussed on tourism, many of the issues relative to marketing are also a big concern and the conference keynote speakers focus on new technology and innovations that can change the tourism landscape at least when it comes to business and marketing.

Some of Scotland's biggest institutions also take part in the conference as well as many private businesses. The conference has been held at the SECC in Glasgow.

The Scottish Business Exhibition

One of the most prestigious annual events that takes place also at the SECC is the Scottish Business Exhibition. A program called New Start Scotland is run at the exhibition which is designed for businesses to get up and running or to receive funding for projects. This event is organised for Scottish corporate, mid-market and large SMEs.

The SECC can take care of thousands of people at a time and has many facilities such as 3D venues, the Clyde Auditorium, meeting rooms, event halls, a concourse, as well as seminar and workshop suites. Full catering, meals, and accommodation are also available for conference attendees.

Digital Conference

Scotland's annual Digital conference for all things digital, publication, and marketing is also held at the SECC. Each year, workshops, seminars, events, and keynote speeches are organised for over 600 delegates from all over Scotland.

Refreshments, snacks, meals, and accommodation are taken care of for attendees while some of the world's most prestigious companies talk about digital investments, strategic thinking, and working in the digital sector.

Scotland's Technology Show

The annual Scotland's Technology Show has also been held in Glasgow in the past at the SECC as well. This conference brings in thousands of professionals from a range of industries such as health care, civil engineering, software engineering, and research and innovation in technology. The conference focuses on the business side of applying these technologies and can be useful for any professionals who are interested in marketing and selling their products and inventions.

Some of the speakers are from big names such as Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, and Skyscanner. Apart from the lectures, there are also networking meetings, interactive demonstrations, and exhibits from over 100 companies showcasing their latest innovations and research.

Commonwealth Games Business Conference

Over 200 senior executives attend this annual conference which has been held in Glasgow during the summer. The attendees are made up of some of the most prestigious leaders in business and politics. The conference is organised by the UK government with local Scottish participation.

The conference is designed to encourage UK companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses to demonstrate their expertise during the event. The conference also provides networking opportunities and a way for companies to strengthen their economic links at home and abroad.