Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Exeter

Seminars and conferences are opportunities to learn about marketing best practice. They also provide insights on developing key messages, creating effective brands, and preparing effective marketing strategies. There are a variety of seminars and conferences held in and around Exeter for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. These events are ideal for developing new skills and acquiring new knowledge of marketing trends. They are also effective at expanding networks with other businesses and marketing practitioners.

University of Exeter Business School Seminars

The University of Exeter Business School provides a range of supports and programmes to assist businesses grow and develop their staff competencies. Development and training opportunities delve into specific issues to inform effective business strategies and operations. The university also hosts a Business Leaders Forum, which meets four times a year for dinner and a keynote speech. The forum acts as a networking opportunity for senior business managers and chief executives from across the South West of England. The membership-based organisation is also an opportunity for senior business leaders to exchange knowledge and develop ideas.

The University of Exeter Business School offers a variety of seminars on business-related topics, including marketing. Other seminar topics include finance, accounting, organisational effectiveness, human resources, management, and economics. Seminars are held regularly between September and June. Seminars and other events put on by the Business School are held at the University of Exeter's Streatham Campus. For information on upcoming seminars, lectures and other learning opportunities, visit

Chartered Institute of Marketing Seminars

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) offers various training and networking opportunities for marketing professionals. Most events are eligible for Chartered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme credits and are available to all CIM members. Certain events may also be open to marketing students and non-members. Local and regional branches of the CIM organise seminars, workshops, conferences and other events on a regular basis. These events are opportunities to learn about new trends in marketing, as well as success stories being applied in the UK and abroad.

Exeter marketers are represented by the Devon and Cornwall branch of the CIM. The branch offers various workshops and seminars on marketing issues, including marketing communications. Other seminars and workshops have looked at marketing's relationship with the law and how to effectively design marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets. Most events are held in Plymouth, which is under an hour's drive from Exeter. Events are typically offered at a fee. For more information about upcoming events offered through the CIM, visit

Alder and Alder Seminars

Alder and Alder is a brand agency based in Exeter. The agency helps businesses develop ideas and build brands, including designing logos, websites and literature. Alder and Alder organises a Brand Boot Camp. Designed to help businesses build their own brand, this training opportunity provides step-by-step instruction on creating an effective brand. The course is open to businesses that have been operating for five years or less that have a limited marketing budget and a turnover of less than £500,000. The Brand Boot Camp is available at a fee and features a four-hour workshop. Additional one-to-one consultations are also available at higher rates.

Every quarter, Alder and Alder also hosts a free brand seminar in Exeter. The 'Build your Brand' seminars are designed for business leaders and marketing professionals who want to introduce changes to their companies. Participation in the seminar is helpful for anyone interested in launching a new product or finding ways of improving their brand. The seminar also looks at the brand communication process and ways that branding can be most effective. The one-hour seminar is held at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel in Exeter. For more information on the 'Build your Brand' seminar or to register for an upcoming session, visit