Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Central London

London is famous for its history as a great European financial and business capital. It is also an extremely popular city for foreign investment, whether it is coming from the EU or from further afield. Central London is home to many conferences every year in marketing, business, commerce, banking, finance, and related areas.

Here is a list of conferences that take place on an annual basis in Central London in the marketing area, as well as a synopsis for each.

SES London Conference

Search Engine Strategies (SES) organizes an annual conference in Central London. The conference focusses on new developments in marketing, especially in the Internet sphere and related media. Keynote speakers from some of the leaders of search engine strategies get together every year over 3-days to discuss important developments in their field.

With three days of networking events, workshops, seminars, conferences, and speaker presentations, attendees are also able to get accommodation, catering, and meals.

Adobe Summit EMEA

The Adobe Summit is one of the most prestigious conferences held in London every year and allows professional business-owners to learn a lot about how marketing is done in the digital world. The conference focuses annually on the latest trends and developments in the increasingly complex landscape of digital marketing.

Some of the leading entrepreneurs and innovators from a range of corporations are lined up to give keynote presentations each year, and at the same time, there are scores of sessions, seminars, workshops, and presentations that you can attend in digital analytics, digital asset management, advertising, optimisation, and search engines.

The conference is held at ExCeL London and features a cocktail reception, a summit party, training, and many networking opportunities.

iStrategy London

This conference focuses on two days of workshops and keynotes by leading speakers from some of the best companies in the London area. The conference is held at Twickenham Stadium and focuses on digital marketing development in the 21st century, as well as how to create more effective and successful marketing campaigns.

Twickenham Stadium is easy to get to using a range of transportation options. London Public transport networks as well as air-planes and train stations are very close.


This conference is probably one of the largest that takes place in the Greater London area. Every year the keynote speeches are well-known for hosting some of the biggest names in business: Lego, Vevo, Huawei, and the Telegraph Media Group are just a few of companies that are represented.

The ad:tech conference is worth attending because it brings together some of the biggest minds in European digital marketing, industry, learning, out-sourcing, and networking. There are a number of events at the conference to visit, such as the Marketplace showcase, the Executive Club of the top 200 brands, the Mobile Village, Headline Theatre and the IDM Bootcamp are just a few of the sessions that can be attended.

The conference is held at National Hall, Olympia, which is an inner-city venue close to many public transport networks.

Marketing Week Live

One of the biggest marketing events held every year at the Olympia Grand in London, this conference usually takes place in the summer. The conference is aimed towards simplifying and understanding the complexities of digital marketing. The event is based around the concept of having one large event, instead of a lot of shows. Different industries and niches are integrated and showcased working together.

The Olympia Grand is an excellent venue capable of accommodating thousands of people and providing catering and other refreshment services. It is located in the heart of London and it is close to major public transport systems. The event is unique in its concept and is designed to help attendees learn about digital, mobile, and social marketing and be able to network and expand their businesses organically.

Internet World

This event is held every summer at ExCeL in London and is the oldest conference in Europe dealing with marketing and corporate strategy. In recent years, the conference has expanded into understanding the digital sphere of marketing and many of the keynote speakers and events are based around digital content distribution. Internet World is also the founding event of London Technology Week and is attended by some of the biggest names on the Internet, such as Apple, eBay, Yahoo! and Google. Other big name companies that attend are British Airways and BAE Systems Detica.

ExCeL London is one of the country's leading conference centres and is the host of many international conferences. Located in the heart of the city, it is capable of taking care of thousands of participants at a time, with full catering facilities and other amenities. Workshops, trade shows, and conference speaking events in an auditorium setting are frequently seen at ExCeL throughout the year.