Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Cambridge

Throughout their careers, marketing professionals and managers gain insights into trends and success stories in order to inform the development of effective marketing approaches and strategies. Marketing conferences and seminars are a great way to engage and learn about what marketing will look like in the future. They are also opportunities to engage and network with other businesses and marketing practitioners. Marketing professionals and managers from businesses of all sizes have several opportunities to attend major conferences and seminars to develop their skills and make connections in and around Cambridge.

Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference

First held in 2007, the Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference brings together marketers and marketing experts from leading firms in Cambridge and beyond. The event is a great opportunity for marketing professionals and general managers from small and large B2B, B2C and NFP companies and agencies to network, learn, and share information. Participants gain insights into best practices related to search engine optimization (SEO), social media, e-mail, mobile devices and more. The conference is ideal for helping marketers develop successful digital marketing plans that are informed by the advice and experiences of leading experts in the digital marketing world.

The Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference includes key note speakers, presentations, question and answer sessions, and B2B and B2C debates. The one-day conference is organised by the Cambridge Marketing Colleges and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is sponsored each year by leading digital marketing firms. It is staged at the Imperial War Museum, an award-winning museum based in Duxford, Cambridge. For more information about the Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference or to register for the event, visit

Cambridge Marketing College Seminars

The Cambridge Marketing College offers a range of professional courses accredited by professional organisations, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Marketing Research Society. Courses are available in cities throughout the United Kingdom and to students and marketing professionals around the world.

The Cambridge Marketing College offers a range of courses in Cambridge. Short courses include offerings on digital marketing essentials , digital marketing planning, mobile marketing, web analytics and social media monitoring, and digital media and branding. There are also opportunities to learn from home with introductory courses in marketing and consumer behaviour. Multi-week web-based courses are also available in online advertising, social media applications and digital marketing.

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing Seminars and Conferences

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has represented the marketing profession for over a century. Members of the CIM are found throughout the UK and around the world. The organisation develops professional standards for marketers, as well as acreditation for marketer training. The CIM also offers a number of events, workshops, seminars and other developmental opportunities for marketing professionals and managers. Many CIM events contribute to continuing professional development (CPD).

The CIM is divided into regions throughout the UK. The institute's East of England region includes Cambridgeshire, Hertfordhsire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Bedfordshire. Seminar and workshop offerings in Cambridge are put on by a dedicated local branch based for Cambridgeshire. The branch regularly organises a broad range of events, including workshops on marketing. The CIM also puts on a digital marketing strategy boot camp several times during the year in communities across the region.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing also organises conferences in the East of England region. The Small Business Marketing Conference is held annually at the University of Herfordshire in Hatfield. The conference is designed for small business owners and managers. The one-day event also provides insight into how to make marketing drive business development and growth. The CIM also stages the Spring Marketing Conference each year in Norwich. The one-day conference helps businesses with creating an identity and building a brand.

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