Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in Bristol

Annual Marketing Conferences and Seminars in BristolThe world of marketing is constantly evolving, particularly in an increasingly connected and digital world. Attending conferences and seminars is one way that marketing professionals keep up-to-date on the latest trends. These events are great ways to share, learn and network with leading experts and practitioners in marketing. Bristol hosts annual marketing conferences and seminars that help equip marketing professionals and business owners with the tools they need to promote their product or service successful.

On The Edge Bristol

On The Edge Bristol is a one-day digital marketing exhibition and conference that focuses on professional development. Sessions provide insights and ideas on leading and emerging trends and are led by world-class speakers. The goal of On The Edge is to empower marketing professionals and provide participants with practical ideas to implement in day-to-day activities. The conference examines a broad range of marketing issues in the digital sector, including brand development, marketing plans, remarketing, behavioural economics, search and search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, email marketing, and more.

Attracting some of the top marketing professionals in the UK, One The Edge is also an opportunity for business professionals to network. The event is organised by the UK Marketing Network (UKMN), a community of UK marketing professionals with over 14,000 members. Over 100 senior marketing professionals and business owners attended the 2013 edition of On The Edge Bristol. A range of professionals attend the conference each year, including marketers, business owners, analysts, event managers, social media experts, and more. On The Edge Bristol primarily brings together professionals and business owners from across the South West. Sister On The Edge digital marketing conferences are also held annually in London, Birmingham and Manchester. For more information and to purchase conference tickets, visit

Chartered Institute of Marketing Events

The Chartered Institute of Marketing represents the marketing profession and develops service standards. Local branches of the institute's South West region put on professional marketing events throughout the year. In addition to Bristol, the South West region includes branches for Cornwall, Dorset and Gloucestershire. The Bristol and West branch has nearly 1,000 professional and studying members. Events aim to facilitate information sharing, networking and the exchange of ideas on marketing topics and developments. An annual mentoring programme is also delivered by the Bristol and West branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This programme links individuals who are new to, returning to or studying marketing with experienced marketers. Past events have includes sessions on mobile marketing and charity marketing. Visit for more information or to find events in Bristol.

Bristol Social Marketing Centre Seminar Series

The University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol offers educational opportunities for marketing professionals through the Bristol Social Marketing Centre (BSMC) Seminar Series. The BSMC is a centre of excellence in social marketing research, consultancy and education. The centre is part of the UWE's Faculty of Business and Law. The seminar series covers a range of topics related to social marketing and behaviour change. Seminars feature internal and external speakers, who are invited to share research and expertise with participants. The BSMC also delivers continuing professional development courses, including in-house courses that are customised for individual organisations. Courses include an introduction to social marketing and an overview social marketing principles. For more information about learning opportunities at the BSMC, visit

WSI Digital Marketing Summits

WSI Digital Marketing operates offices in Bristol, Hungerford and Worcester. The digital marketing agency offers a range of services, including seminars for small businesses. These seminars provide a foundation for business owners and professionals interested in online marketing. Seminars are customised for individual companies and provide information on SEO, internet marketing tools and techniques, and how to build an online presence. WSI Digital Marketing also organises internet marketing seminars each year in Bristol and other cities across the UK. Topics cover a broad range of issues, including SEO, pay per click (PPC), social media optimisation, conversion architecture, and more. For more information, visit

Business West Seminars

Business West is an independent business leadership organisation representing over 16,000 businesses in the South West of England. The leading organisation helps to connect businesses through local Chambers of Commerce in the region. It also provides learning opportunities for businesses and helps support local business development. Business West organises a variety of seminars, workshops and other events for the region's business community. These events aim to help businesses identify new opportunities and leads. Seminars and workshops are held throughout the year. They cover various issues, including strategic marketing, digital marketing, social media for marketers, and how to market overseas. For more information about Business West or to find an upcoming event, visit